Tricks to Teach a Ferret

Teaching a Ferret Tricks

Teaching your pet ferret tricks requires patience and positive reinforcement. Ferrets tend to become excited easily, making the training process a little more difficult. Rewarding your ferret for completing each trick will help to encourage further good behavior. Building trust between you and the ferret also helps while teaching it a variety of tricks.

Tricks to Teach a Ferret

Shake Hands: To teach a ferret to shake hands, or paws, put your hand out in front of its body. Using your other hand, hold out a treat about one inch farther than your hand, near the wrist. As your ferret steps on your hand with one paw, give it the treat.

Sit: Sit directly in front of the ferret so that it is facing back towards you. Hold a treat above the ferret’s head. The treat should be high enough so that the ferret will need to sit up to reach the treat. As the ferret reaches the treat, say “sit”. Repeat this several times until your ferret automatically sits when he hears the word.

Stand: Once the ferret has learned to sit, you can teach it how to stand. Begin by telling your ferret to sit, followed by a treat. Next, put another treat several inches above the ferret’s nose. As soon as the ferret begins to stand, say “stand” clearly and reward him with a treat.

Lie Down: To teach your ferret to lie on its back, first give him a treat while on his belly. Next, roll the ferret over and begin to scratch his belly, followed by a treat. Continue to reward the ferret with a scratch and treat each time he accomplishes this trick.

Come: Teaching your ferret to come works easily if he always knows how to stand. Hold the treat about one foot away and say “come” as he begins to move closer. Each day, make the distance between you and the ferret larger. Reward with a treat each time the ferret comes to you.

Roll Over: Begin by asking your ferret to lie down. Move the treat around the ferrets’ mouth until he rolls on his back and his belly up. Give him a treat. Next, move the treat in a circular motion until he lies down. Say the command “roll over” as he performs his trick.

Jump: Teaching your pet to jump through a hoop can be one of the best ferret tricks to learn. Begin by placing a hula hoop in front of the door so that the ferret must step onto it to get to you. Hold the treat on the other side of the hula hoop. As your ferret goes through the hoop, say “jump” clearly. Give the ferret the treat once he reaches the other side. Bring the hula hoop higher as he becomes use to the trick.

Training a Ferret

Teaching a ferret basic tricks can be a fun activity and allows the ferret to get the proper exercise he needs. It’s best to start teaching these tricks when the ferret is still young. Be sure to never to push your ferret into doing tricks or having lessons that are thirty minutes are longer. Always reward your ferret with a treat to keep him motivated.

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